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"Rentals Ukraine" is a leader among companies providing daily apartment rentals in Kyiv

Kyiv has long been known for its beauty, uniqueness and a huge number of interesting places and attractions. The city is very popular among vacationers and tourists, it is excellent for spending a vacation, and is also in first place in terms of attendance by businessmen. Entrepreneurs from different countries travel to the capital of Ukraine to implement their business plans.

People coming to Kyiv are certainly faced with the question of choosing rental housing. Some people need an apartment for a day, others are looking for real estate agencies that rent out apartments hourly.

Apartment for rent from "Rentals Ukraine" - real estate rental for every taste

Thanks to the high level of service and the quality of the services provided, the company "Rentals Ukraine" has acquired the status of a leader in this field. Tens of thousands of people have used our company's services over many years of experience in the rental market. Our company is a reliable partner whose high-quality services can be counted on in any situation related to the rental of real estate.

All apartments for rent in Kyiv, in the catalog of the company "Rentals Ukraine" belong to the company and are recognized as its property. Housing is in perfect condition and is presented in different price categories. Real estate located near various architectures, famous brand stores, night clubs, central areas of the capital.

On the official Internet portal of the company, you are presented with numerous apartments, taking into account the preferred ones in the budget. You can find an apartment in absolutely any district of Kyiv. The catalog of daily housing includes only own apartments without intermediaries, and the condition of each available apartment is always at the highest level.

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For many years we have been providing high-quality services for the provision of daily rentals, and the number of satisfied clients who have contacted us is in the tens of thousands.

Advantages of apartments for daily rent in Kyiv from the company "Rentals Ukraine"

  • Apartments for daily rent in Kyiv are located close to the metro and infrastructure
  • Modern high-quality furniture
  • High-quality repair
  • All apartments are equipped with video and household appliances
  • The area of the proposed apartments exceeds hotel rooms
  • Free WiFi

By using our company's daily rental services, you pay only the cost of the apartment. The cost of daily rent is significantly lower than the cost of a middle-class hotel room, and the conditions and amenities of the rented premises are superior to hotel rooms in terms of comfort.

We are proud of our impeccable reputation

Rent365 company works without days off and holidays! Our schedule: 365 days/hour and 24 hours/day! Qualified and polite apartment reservation managers will answer any topics related to prompt and acceptable rent of apartments in Kyiv by the day or by the hour.

To do this, you will need to contact us in any of the following ways:

  • Contact phone
  • E-mail
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • Online chat

Since the company operates and develops in close contact with its clients, reviews of Rent365 will be of great importance to us.

We will be happy to study them and draw adequate conclusions! Please send directly to the administration of [email protected] your suggestions or comments regarding our activities.